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How To Dry Laundry Quickly Inside A House

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We all know that the best way to get your laundry is to hang it on the line outside, but what if you live in a flat or over the winter? It’s just not always practical (or warm enough!) here in the UK. Having laundry piling up wet on every surface on the house doesn’t look great and can make your home feel damp. Below are some of the best tips for drying your laundry efficiently inside.

Be Careful How You Wash Your Clothes

Use A High Spin Cycle

Removing excess water from your clothes before you remove them from the washing machine can save you a lot of drying time. Where possible, use a high spin cycle to give them a good shake. Some machines off an extra spin cycle. Do check your clothes labels first as some garments shouldn’t go in a fast spin.

Don’t Overfill Your Washing Machine

It can be tempting to throw as much laundry into the machine as you can, but the more laundry that is in there the less effective the spin cycle is. Make sure you follow the loading guidelines for your machine.

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The Best Place to Dry Clothes Inside

It can be really helpful to have an area dedicated to drying clothes. That way you won’t be tripping over it or finding it obscuring your view of the TV. It makes it easier to set up and take down if you know where it’s going to go every time.

Good Air Flow

It is easy for the air to get extremely humid when you are drying clothes inside, and in turn that slows down the drying process as there is nowhere for the water to evaporate to. If you place your laundry in a disused room and close the door it helps to open a window, giving fresh air flow for the clothing to dry out faster.

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Electric Dehumidifier

If you don’t want to open a window then it is worth investing in a small electric dehumidifier for drying clothes. They work but removing the moisture in the air, allowing the clothes to dry quicker as the room is less humid. When using an electric dehumidifier it is best that they are in a room with the windows and doors shut.

Look here for more information on The Best Dehumidifiers For Drying Laundry to try it out for yourself

How To Hang your clothes to dry inside

It might seem really simple to just place your laundry on a drying rack and walk away, but it’s important to do it right. If you are drying laundry inside a flat you will want to minimise the time it is hanging for – so take note of these tips:

  • Don’t overfill your clothes rack. Allow space between garments for air flow
  • Reshape clothing while damp, before you hang them to dry
  • Don’t place clothing on the radiators, this will block the heat from the rest of the room and increase your electricity bill. Place clothing on a drying rack next to the radiator instead
  • Make use of hangers for shirts and items that are easily crumpled. This will reduce the wrinkles
Clean clothes hanging on a clothes airer to dry

To speed things along even more you can invest in a heated clothes airer*. They are cheaper to run than a tumble drier and are better for the environment. Placing a bed sheet over the airer can speed up the drying process.

Combining all of these tips can make drying laundry inside quicker and more efficient without a tumbledrier.

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